2016 Seminar

Date of Next Seminar: June 16-19 2016

The 2016 Southwest HOBY seminar is approaching ever so fast. We have already put a lot of planning into this seminar to make it the best ever and we assure you that it will be. Feel free to use this page at any time to get your questions answered about HOBY and what is going on. We have tried to include all of the questions most ambassadors (students) and parents have for us before and during the seminar in the links to the left. If after reading those pages and your questions are still not answered please feel free to contact us at any time by visiting the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

The 2016 seminar will be held at Urbana University in Urbana, OH. This is where we were last year where everything went really well and we expect nothing less this year. To get campus information such as driving directions and maps of the campus please visit the links at the bottom of the page.


  1. HOBY seminars are intended to keep you busy and give you the opportunity and chance to make new friends, become a leader, have fun, and so much more. When you attend the seminar this year the most important thing you can do is participate. You only get out of the seminar what you put into it. Each year ambassadors come to the seminar not knowing what we mean by this but by the end they have already figured this out. If there is one thing you need to bring come into this seminar it would be an open mind and be ready to have a blast and be yourself.
  2. Be YOURSELF! Each and every year that HOBY carries out its seminars the ambassadors have a blast. One thing that is different about HOBY is that nobody knows anyone. Even though you may know somebody attending the seminar from your school you will honestly not see then much due to the amount of activity that is going on. There will be no clicks when you arrive and there will be nobody here to influence other's decisions and opinions about you. Please be yourself and meet new people. This is a great weekend for it and you will only have a better weekend in the end if you just learn to be who you really are.
  3. Meet new people. When you get to the seminar there will be a large number of people in which you will have never seen before in your entire life and then there may be someone that you have seen before. The best thing to do it to not be shy and introduce yourself to others and get to know as many people as you possibly can within the four days that we are here. The more people you get to know while you are here the better your weekend will be.


Driving Directions

Urbana Campus Map

Pre-Seminar Materials


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